Great Hides Shout Box!

Mickey and Goofy here in Muskegon Michigan say "Hi".
Please Jump in and say Hi to your Geocaching and Pathtag
friends here at Great Hides and Goofy's Pathtag Designs!

A message from Goofy:

All my ready-made designs are a good start for your new Pathtag. I will do customization to these designs such as changing colors adding your text message, name and much more! When making the PathTags that you will see that I try to be creative. I have made a LOT of PathTag Designs and just maybe the largest collection of PathTag designs that you will find. Take a good look chances are you find a PathTag Design that you will like.

Yes I Will also make a custom design for you!

Send me a photograph or graphic image.
Yes I can even work from your photograph!

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Great Hides

We are all about Creative "Great Hides" I know that a lot of cachers take pictures and if you have a cool picture of a neat cache please share it with us, (Please No spoilers). Any Great Hides Site Ideas or questions? Or do you have any storys or pictures that you would like to shair with Goofy, don't hesitate and email Goofy below!
Thanks in advance I do get some nice emails and like what I see and read. With your permission I just may add your ideas and or pictures to Great Hides.

Email us Your Cache Pictures.