Goofy's Monkey Puzzle

It may be easy to find but signing the log is another thing.   Why?..... Because it's locked and the key is inside! Oh.... did I say the LOG is inside also. They have to shake it and twist the bottom to try to get the key out of the bottom of the cache.

Once they get the key out there is a 35mm film canister inside with the LOG.

Geocache hides can very a lot some are very easy to find and I don't know anyone that don't like to find that easy hide. Others will will talk about the cache hide that they don't like but .... they will still pick them up as a find, just not their favorite. That's the fun of geocaching there are so many typs of geocache hides out there and you just never know for sure what the next cache find is going to be and the Monkey Puzzle Cache will get you some interesting logs to read for sure!

* 1/2 inch PVC Pipe - Parts # 4/6/8/10

* 4 inch PVC Pipe - Part # 2

* Cap for 4 inch PVC Pipe - Parts # 1/3

* Plastic Cover that will fit inside the 4 inch PVC Pipe - Part # 12

* 90 Degree Elbow for 1/2 inch PVC Pipe - Parts # 7/9

* Tee for 1/2 inch PVC Pipe - # 11

* Cap for 1/2 inch PVC Pipe - #5

* Small Key Lock

* 35mm Film Canister


The length is up to you I cut mine 12 inches long. The two holes to fit the 1/2 inch PVC tubes (TIGHTLY) for the handle are drilled in far enough to NOT interfere with the 4 inch end caps # 1 and 3. (See Top Pictures) these two PVC pipes #6 are cut 2 1/2 inches in length. Both tubes #6 will be glued in plase later.


Place the TOP CAP #1 tightly on the MAIN TUBE #2. Drill a hole all the way through the cap and tube large enough to slide the LOCKING TUBE through. You should be able to pull this tube out when the Lock is un-locked, this will allow the top cap to be removed to sign the log. I drilled mine 90 degrees from the handle (not as shown in the pictures)(I drilled where the #1 is on the "Part Number Picture").

(see picture below)



This hole you will drill in the middle of cap #3. This hole size is to fit a 1/2 inch PVC tube. this hole MUST be JUST loose enough to allow it to turn.Same hole size as used for the LOCK TUBE #4.


The Bottom Key Outlet, this is Part #9 a 1/2 inch 90 degree PVC elbow. Slide a piece of 1/2 inch PVC pipe in one end then slip into the hole that you drilled in Piece #3. You will see in this picture that this elbow is cut a little on it's bottom side. (see picture) This cut is made to allow it to fit the inside curve of the bottom piece #3.

(See the picture below)

Now Study the picture and carefully assemble.


* After drilling CAP #1 fit it on the MAIN TUBE #2. Cap #1 should fit loosely onto TUBE #2 You may have to lightly sand the inside of CAP #1 to get a nice free fit.

* The TUBES #6 should fit tightly into the MAIN TUBE #2. Using a quality PVC Glue, place them into the two holes (JUST SLIGHTLY STICKING THROUGH THE MAIN TUBE #2)glue both in the two holes making sure that they are both standing as straitht out as possible.

* Using the two ELBOWS #7 you will need to cut a piece of 1/2 inch PVC to a length that will allow the #7-8-7 assembly onto the two pieces of PVC #6 that you glued into the MAIN TUBE.

* Sand the TUBE #6 closest to CAP #1 flush with the inside of the MAIN TUBE #2. This is to allow the key to easily slide into the handle tube and into the BOTTOM CHAMBER.

* Cut a short piece of 1/2 inch PVC #10 and glue the BOTTOM KEY OUTLET #9 onto it.

* Insert the piece that you just glued into the hole of the BOTTOM CAP #3 and test fit TEE #11 onto it. The TEE #11 should fit snugly just allowing the assembly of pieces #9-10-11 to turn. Using sparingly (you don't want to glue everything together) glue TEE #11 onto the SHORT TUBE #10. (I used a little grease around the BOTTOM CAP #3 hole) You should be able to turn the TEE #11-10-9 assembly.

* I purchased a plastic cap that after a little work fit inside the MAIN TUBE #2. This is the CENTER DEVIDER #12. Slide it in place and glue or epoxy it in place.

The Key:

* Grind the LOCK KEY (as seen in the above picture) so it will fit into the BOTTOM KEY OUTLET #9 and fall through the TEE #11 assembly. You will need to find a small lock that will be able to span the LOCK TUBE #4. (a small key works best)

* Glue the BOTTOM CAP #3 assembly onto the MAIN TUBE #2.

* Glue the Cap #5 onto the LOCK TUBE #4. Cut the tube to a length that it will fit all the way through the TOP CAP assembly then drill a small hole to fit the LOCK. When it is fully assembled you should be able to shake the key from the top half through the handle to the bottom half then eventually out the bottom Tee assembly. Keep a second key handy because with all the shaking going on a key could get lost and you would need another. I have 4 keys made up just in case. Paint it up and put a Caching sticker on it, drop in the key and the 35mm film canister and log hide your Monkey Puzzle
and watch the logs come in!

"Keep On Caching"